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What a beautiful mouth looks like

Posted in: Blog by Dr Kundel on August 25, 2011

Being a dentist I look at teeth and mouths all day long. Being a dentist that understands that one’s mouth affects how a person breathes I pay close attention to body structure and oral structure in particular.  I wanted to show what a great mouth looks like for a long time so people could understand what I strive for.  Here is the video of Heather Headley.  She is an incredible singer that has chosen to perform a very beautiful song.  While enjoying this music please pay attention to the size of her mouth as well as its relationship to her skull.



Hearther’s mouth is large and very well proportioned.  Her jaws are sitting forward of her face. Both of these parameters allow her to have a great posture and ease of breathing. Here is another song by her. Enjoy!



This is an ideal that one should strive for.  While we all have our own unique structure and limitations we also have potential. It is this potential that I want to help to express.