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A great testimonial

Posted in: Blog, People's Stories by Dr Kundel on September 20, 2011

As an herbal &nutritional educator educator & practitioner I have long understood the relationship between the health of the body & the health of the mouth. They are obviously connected. My studies led me to the works of Dr’s Price & Pottenger. Their findings illustrate the importance of traditional whole foods for optimal health of humans and all life forms on earth. While I was able to work on improving my own health through good local food from conscientious farmers, my search for a holistic dentist continued as did the pain & suffering at the hands of conventional dentistry. Until I met Dr. Kundel. His office is nearly a hour drive from my home but after the 1st visit I knew his practice was for us. The way he calmly took his time explaining our options and dealing with my frightened and angry teenager whose prior dental treatments left him traumatized moved me to tears. Finally a gentle dentist who truly cares for his patients! I don’t feel like I’m speaking some crazy foreign language anymore, when I used to feel like such an oddity in the dentist’s chair.

Thanks Dr. K!