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Year of the dragon.

Posted in: Blog by Dr Kundel on December 31, 2011

The new year is upon us. Year of the dragon. A scary creature for
sure. Scary, much like a trip to a dentist. Those of you who saw ” How
to train your dragon” saw that we live in camps. Those who hate, and
those who love. Chose to hate and be guaranteed to have a battle you
can be proud of..a reason to live, so to speak.

Chose to love. A different road entirely. Results can be magical
and,for sure, unpredictable.

And then there are dragons.

Scary and mean. Always hungry and ready to kill. A purposeless creatures?

Little do we realize that we all can be dragons at one point or
another. Until somebody loves us, …and then the choice is ours.
We choose which dragon we will be.

Please accept our most hardiest wishes in this coming year. We want to
share it with you.

Thank you all,
Andrea, Sasha, and Dr. Kundel ( aka Lenny ).
P.S. While practically no one likes to go to a dentist….it is a
dragon we must all eventually conquer :)