I always had a trouble to make my 3 year old daughter, Evelyn, to sit still in dentist’s chair for anything. One day, I learned that her friend from daycare was going to have a cleaning at Dr. Kundel’s office. So I decided to try my luck, quickly called the office, explained my situation and asked to fit me in right after her friend. To my surprise, nice sounding lady was happy to accommodate me on such a short notice. Soon thereafter, I brought Evelyn to the office and had her observe friend getting a cleaning done and humored and encouraged by Dr. Kundel. When our turn came, Evelyn without hesitation sat in the chair and declared with wily smile “Can I also have a Cinderella sticker please, now it’s my turn”:).. Happy ending and clean teeth for my Evelyn 🙂


Undoubtedly, the best dentist on Summer Street, and, maybe, all of Stamford.


Dr. Leonard Kundel is a one of a kind DMD that you’ll ever come across; the best DMD I’ve experienced over 40 plus years. I highly recommend the DMD services of Dr. Kundel. You will be able to appreciate a healthier alternative to standard Dental Care through natural and non-intrusive technics.



Best dentist ever!!!

I have been with Dr. Kundel for over 8 years and even though it is not very convenient for me to see him anymore, I still make my way to his office and not to the dentist next door. I don’t feel like on a conveyer belt when I have an appointment. He really takes his time with me analyzing the cause of the problem, explaining my options always going for the most natural choice, even working out a convenient payment plan for me. He’s just awesome along with everyone else in his office.
Kerstin  Roche



If I could rate Dr. Kundel a million stars that wouldn’t be enough. I had a horrible experience 10 years ago and dreaded going to the dentist even for a routine cleaning. So when I broke the tooth that nearly killed me 10 years ago, I was scared to death. My physical therapist recommended Dr. Kundel so I made an appt. I even cancelled a few appts. before I met Dr. Kundel. He put all my fears to rest and we decided to fix the broken tooth, fill two small cavities and clean my teeth all at the same time. He assured me I would be fine and although I made the appt to have the work done, I figured I would never keep it. Needless to say I did keep the appt. When the meds wore off I thought I would be miserable. I was wrong. I had no bad feelings. My gums felt fine. He rebuilt the broken tooth, filled the cavities and cleaned my teeth. I had no discomfort at all and my mouth never felt better. In the past a cleaning would leave my mouth sore for days. He’s GREAT!


Dr. Kundel maintains a genuine enthusiasm to learn which he imparts to his treatment of his patients. He is open minded and has a broad perspective. His staff are carefully chosen to reflect his personal philosophy of respect and kindness.


I recently had an old filling removed and a new one inserted. I have not had a cavity in 40 years, so was apprehensive about the procedure. How dental practices have changed!!!! And Dr. K knows them all, and beyond. He put me entirely at ease, he joked me into relaxation, and protected both me and his office from any potential mercury fumes from the old filling. I never felt a bit of pain, which surprised me. He has always impressed me with his efforts to be aware of and use the latest advances, because he has an incredibly curious mind, not often found in the medical profession. I could not be more happy with this man as my dentist. I have known him for about 9 years.

Kate Humphrey


Dr. Kundel is kind, compassionate, and genuinely cares. I first went to Dr. Kundel with periodontal disease that supposedly needed $25,000 in surgery. I committed to Dr. Kundel’s protocol and my gums turned around in just a few months. That was 5 years ago. I am proud of my naturally cured smile!


I am still laughing, it was fun as usual.



Dr. Kundel is the most knowledgeable and intuitive dentist you can find. Moreover, he is a holistic dentist and that means that your health as a whole will benefit by being under his care. I’m on a year-old journey o reversing damage to my health due to bad dental work and root canals. I’ve done several cavitation surgeries and have one implant installed and every time I was impressed by high level of expertise, thoroughness and foresight that Dr. Kundel applies to see the best of outcomes possible.



Have been a patient of Dr. Kundel for years and have brought all my children to him. He’s the best dentist we’ve experienced and my kids adore him.

I talked my 5 year old son into coming to do the cleaning. He used to be afraid of dentists and resist going there big time. When he met Dr Kundel, he felt comfortable right away, gave high five and was made felt like he met his old buddy. The cleaning and examination was so smooth, that my son Nathan later told me, “Are you proud of me mommy? I was not afraid, the doctor was funny and taught me how many teeth I have in my mouth”. Thanks again Dr Kundel, I’m sure we’ll be coming back to you again.

I am a PT with so many health concerns and issues. I’ve been seeking for a right person for 10 years now and fortunately found Dr. Kundel. We had a brief discussion of my overall health condition and after a total mouth evaluation Dr. Kundel really opened my eyes. First of all I’ve never before experienced such a sharp and neat costumer service, neither had any pictures of my jaws, tongue and spine taken by any dentist before and I was switching from one dental practice to another (6 in total). None of these doctors ever told me that I have a tongue-tie, that was a cause of discomfort and chronic, widespread pain, fatigue, sleep, memory lose, mood issues. and tenderness lasting 10 years. I was living with this pain all these years and undergoing different treatments from acupuncture, to massage therapy, physical therapy to aqua therapy with a hope to end my suffering and to live a normal live.

I always believe that meeting a right person is a gift from God. I thank you Dr. Kundel for making my life easier, for bringing back the colors of the rainbow. Considering the fact of my dental phobia, I could not reject the opportunity to revise my tongue. I felt so much better while doctor was still operating on me. A tremendous relieve in the neck and slowly in my upper back made me fly under local anesthesia. That night I was sleeping for 8 hours without changing a position, which was absolutely impossible before.

To conclude, I will strongly recommend Dr. Kundel to any one, who have Fibromyalgia. Just give it a try to feel happy and live pain free.


Worth the Drive,

I was introduced to Dr. Kundel to have my mercury fillings removed.  I was very pleased at the result and the very cautious, professional way it was removed.  I feel better since removing the mercury, less fatigued and less body aches.  I have continued to be a a patient of Dr. Kundel for all my dental needs.  I travel from N.Y. to use Dr Kundel exclusively.
I recently had an old root canal tooth removed that became infected.  Conventional dentists said there was no problem yet i felt sick, pain and constant pressure at the site.  Dr. Kundel treated me holistically before the procedure.  When removing the tooth it was discovered that I had a large pocket of infection.  I was treated with antibiotics and holistic remedies afterwards.  I fee so much better, the pain is gone, my brain fog is gone and I have so much more energy, Dr. Kundel and his staff are wonderful caring professionals, everything is explained about my procedure.  Dr. Kundel even called me at home and inquired how i was feeling.



Dr. Kundel is my family dentist for many years now. Very responsible, innovative, friendly. Every time I need Dr. Kundel’s help I know that I am getting best of the best in current dentistry. Highly recommended!!!.
Eugene Kotlar.

My two cents:

I had never enjoyed going to the dentist, but Dr. Kundel has made going to the dentist a pleasant experience. As someone with a lot of dental issues, going to the dentist is often overwhelming; but through Dr. Kundel’s caring approach he makes it manageable. He has helped me come up with a treatment plan that works for me and my budget while using products that are healthy for my whole body. I highly recommend Dr. Kundel for anyone looking for a caring and compassionate healthcare professional.

Thank you,

Rebecca Stern


Dear Dr. Kundel,
Thank you for taking care of me so nicely yesterday. I was struck by your gentleness. Instead of slamming into me with instruments to «test» how I felt, you simply asked me. Plus, you explained everything to me before you did it. Sasha was right. I had nothing to worry about. You were very good. I forgot what you said about ultraviolet rays aiding the healing but as I call it, the «recovery chair» was very comfortable. I could have been having the same procedure done elsewhere and feeling warehoused as they called. «Next?» But, at your office, I felt at home. As I said to Jane earlier, I feel you can do everything. You are very versatile. I have this theory I call. The three “B”s. Breath, Bend and Back off. Breath: You get the oxygen into your brain before you do anything rash. Bend: You make sure you’re flexible so as to listen to the other’s point of view. Back off: When things get «hot» don’t stay near the fire. You do all three with ease and grace. Again. Thanks so much for your care.



I Initially received Dr. Kundel’s name when searching on line, for dentists who specialized in removing/replacing old almagams from teeth. At that time, I was feeling chronically fatigued, experiencing jaw pain and my overall health was poor. Dr. Kundel in conjunction with a Bioenergetic/ Homeopathic doctor that he referred me to, made sure my system was strong enough to withstand the procedure of removal while at the same time took every precaution to disallow further toxins from entering my system. Dr. Kundel’s initial check-up included a panoramic x-ray of my skull, neck and upper back. I could visibly see the misalignment caused by years of orthodontic work. I presently wear an appliance that realigned my jaw and teeth and actually helped my breathing and sleep. I feel that I am in good hands using Dr. Kundel for all my future dental needs.

J. Toscano


I have been wearing the appliance at night for about three months. I also wear it after work and throughout the day when I’m able. I feel so much more energy and feel less tired. Some mornings I have woken up at 5:30 am with a lot of energy compared to being tired at 9:00 when I wake. I feel so much better. I’m so happy I did the appliance. Thank you Dr. Kundel M.


Dr. Kundel is the most amazing dentist ever- He approaches each patient with a whole body, mind, soul, comprehensive evaluation that he then transforms into tangible real life solutions. Totally individualized for each patient. He refers to other doctors, He suggests books, he genuinely cares. He has not only filled cavities, pulled wisdom teeth and cleaned my teeth but he does it in excellence. He is totally focused and when he is with each patient he is genuinely with them.-Not distracted like so many others in medical fields. Because of his tender and caring approach I did not hesitate when he suggested an appliance to create space in my mouth and facilitate an increase in air flow and oxygenation to the body. He explained it was expensive but he felt it was worth the expense. I trusted him and was not disappointed. Instantly, I felt a relaxing calm feeling. Sleep was improved-My mood was improved. Everything felt better, and physically there was an increase in energy, and a balancing of the facial bones. I have since purchased a bottom appliance. An upper and lower for my husband and he agrees with the benefits, far outweighing the cost. I suggest these little metal miracles for everyone who needs it! Also, his office staff is exceptional in every respect-They are true mirrors of the person and professional Dr. Kundel is. They truly care-It’s a warm place in a cold world!

L. Johnson


I have been wearing the appliance Dr. Kundel fitted me for, close to a year now. I experienced subtle changes not only in my health but my energies and attitude. Sleeping became an actual restful experience. I breathed through my nose all night long instead of my mouth. In the issuing months, my energies levels dramatically increased along with a positive attitude. No matter how negative life became at work or home, I was able to quickly pull myself into a better place and move on. I am able to help diffuse conflicts at work among co-workers without becoming drawn in and negatively involved. I wear the appliance to sleep and whenever possible pop it in during stressful situations to restore my tranquility. Dr. Kundel has my deepest gratitude. 



I work with Dr. Kundel and heard him telling patients about the benefits of a SOMA appliance. I also started talking with the patients regarding their experiences and heard many positive things. I am a” push me I’m coming” person when it comes to changing things in my life. I started to suffer about 5 years ago with pain symptoms in my jaw. I had never had anything like this before.I thought at first that I was having ears problems, which I did suffer from most of my life. I went to my doctor and he said my ear is fine you have TMJ. A year after the diagnosis I developed Vertigo (Dizziness) which would affect me with no warning. I started having more frequent attacks and some lasted for weeks with different severities. Then I developed neck problems – enough about me. I decided to try the appliance. I have been wearing it now for a year every night and on weekends when I am home. My results have been great, my jaw stays pain free. I feel better rested when I wake in the morning. My vertigo only happened once last year and was very mild. The last thing is my neck stopped hurting and the finger numbness I was having went away. I’m not sure what exactly happened my body feels more in alignment and I believe I am breathing better. It is interesting to note how something so simple can make such a difference.

Jane W.


Like Jane, I hear our patients’ feedback about their experiences with the SOMA appliance.  It is really something.  Even though I did not have any major complaints I wanted to get this appliance.  The first thing that I noticed was my energy level.  I wake up now wide awake and rested.  I had soreness on the left side of my neck. It was gone after just a few days of me wearing my appliance.  My posture improved and my body became more flexible.  And here is best thing that happened – I can deal with the stress in my life easily.  WOW. Sasha

-“Thank you for making me feel so much better. I had no idea how sick I was. I am recovering well. I have never laughed so deep and so much in a long time (years).” -A very grateful patient



Dr. Kundel, This note seems so small in comparison to the kindness and generosity you have shown me.Thank you so much for caring enough to invest your time and resources in my well being. I am touched deeply with your devotion to help a person who has nothing to offer in return. I do offer you my constant prayers for God’s blessing and favor to shine upon your medical practice, and upon your family as well. My husband and I have committed my health needs to the Lord. We consider your involvement to be an answer to our prayer, and a constant reminder of Christ’s love. May God bless you and return your kindness in ways both small and great.I truly appreciate your help. Thank you again and again.

S. Torres


Dr. Kundel, Sasha & Jane, Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of flowers, what a lovely and thoughtful surprise. I would also like to thank you for the care and attention I received and I’m happy to report that I am feeling great and had no pain after the surgeries. I am looking forward to continuing improved health as I am already noticing a difference. I love my new teeth and I love showing them off.



Dr. Kundel, This thank you is way overdue. Nonetheless, I greatly thank you for the amazing work you did on removing all my fillings last July. Enclosed is a small token of appreciation which can be used @ Saks 5th Ave. I wish you and your family a very, very happy, healthy , successful 2005.

All the best, Alina


Dr. Kundel, Thank you for the lovely baby gifts! The blanket is very soft and cozy and the frisky toy is very cute! Thank you especially for being such a great surgeon! We truly believe that out for the dental surgery performed on me last summer, baby Andy would not have been possible. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude. Thank you for everything!



Dear Dr. Kundel, I wanted to thank you very much for your extreme kindness and wisdom. I truly appreciate your clinical skills and wonderful “Bedside Manner”. I look forward to many more smiling days as I feel confident that my son’s health is in the most able-bodies hands ever. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

M. Franzani, C. Acosta & R. Acosta 


Dear Dr. Kundel, Within 24 hours, with the help of homeopathic remedies for the detoxification, the extremely painful swelling in my hands was relieved and it has remained so for the last three months. Also, the bleeding, oozing and severely itch rashes which had covered my hands almost continually for the last seven years were almost completely subdued, and my general state of health is improving more rapidly since the removals, as I continue to be treated with homeopathies for systemic candidaisis. Thank you for your fine work and your dedication to this very important cause.

Sincerely, Laura


Dear Dr. Kundel, Sasha, & Jane, Thank you so much for being such a compassionate, thoughtful, and generous of people. I really do appreciate what you do.

Fondly, Casey


I came to Dr. Kundel after a tooth chipped and left a big slug of mercury exposed in my mouth. I feel that mercury is toxic metal , and I already have overcome health challenges so I needed to get the mercury out. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time, and this was the event that pushed me to do it. It is not so easy to find a real biological dentist with skill and a nice manner. I came from NYC and I hoped for the best, as I felt that Dr. Kundel needed a prior interview so he would best plan the removals. I did go through a period of detox after the first round of removals, but Dr. Kundel took every precaution. I have just had the 6th remaining fillings removed all at once. Again everything seemed to go very well. This office really wants their patients to be well. I recommend the doctor and all his co-workers very highly. You have to do this with care and respect, and that is just what happened.



My name is Juergen Kuehn and I am a a patient at the Holistic Dental Office of Dr. Kundel.I am writing this testimonial because of all the dentist I have visited in my life, Dr. Kundel is the BEST DENTIST I have ever encountered. He is a “magician,” because whatever procedure he undertakes, it never HURTS. Even when he has to numb an area around a tooth, I don’t feel the entry of the needle. I have never experienced anything like it. With other dentists it always hurts when the needle went into my gums. The same is true for cleaning my teeth. He is the only one that does not hurt my gums when cleaning my teeth. Another reason I recommend Dr. Kundel is, that he and his staff explain to me what they are going to do, How it will feel, and what I have to do after the procedure. Last not least, even pulling a tooth, DID NOT HURT.Finally, it is a joy to go to his office. His employees are friendly and supportive, and the overall experience is a positive one. Let’s face it: GOING TO A DENTIST HAS NEVER BEEN A PLEASURE. Dr. Kundel has put an end to that.

Sincerely, Juergen 


Hi, I wanted to write you straight away when I got off the plane, because I was so excited about my experience with your appliance. I have never been able to stay up for 48 hours with such productive energy and clear state of mind the way I did before taking off for Sweden. Due to a few unforeseen “bumps in the road”, things got jammed at the end and I had no choice but to stay awake 24/7. The most amazing part was, that in spite of all the stressful situations (which would normally make my body and mind tense) I did not get back any headaches and was pain free even during the 12-hour travel period. Then when I got home to Sweden and finally could relax, I didn’t collapse the way I usually do, and did not experience any post stress related symptoms (colds etc.). To my surprise, I quickly recovered from all the previously stressful days and could get on hand with the tasks that were lying ahead of me. Then I found out that my final insurance appeal got denied here in Sweden, but instead of becoming upset, I calmly put everything into perspective with a strong sense of faith. I thought about our last conversation. In it, you reminded me to think back on all the things that led me to you. And I told you that I believed these accidents were to me a blessing in disguise. It was through my own injuries ( medically conventionally condemned) and search for self-help remedies, that I eventually became aware of my own innate self-healing process thanks to teachers (Doctors) like yourself.Dr. Kundel, your avant garde approach to healing has made me look at medicine and healing in a very optimistic way. I think I had to experience these hardships personally so that I could become a credible teacher to other children one day. Thank you for being my teacher on this journey. I will pass on what I’ve learned from you to others. I hope my friends will be contacting you soon. Perhaps, one day, I will be able to refer my little patients to you. Your genuine help will always serve as an inspiration and motivation to me. I truly cannot thank you enough, but I will always try to pay back in kindness somewhere else. Warm regards from a cold Sweden. 🙂



Thank you so much for all of your help and for squeezing me in before Christmas! You are INCREDIBLY talented and were the very first dentist I ever met (and I’ve met a lot them during this journey) who saw the exact things in my x-rays that I did! I am still very swollen, but as soon as I recover, I will write a glowing report for you!I am looking forward to some real recovery now, and I a curious to know what that (beef broth ) stuff was! I would really, really love to do a case history report for you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy NewYear! I know that I will now, thanks to you!!Again…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!



I was very anxious not knowing what to expect when I first went to Dr. Kundel. I was in a lot of pain and not able to open my mouth more than a small amount, and also had a difficulty chewing.After meeting the office staff and Dr. Kundel my fears were put to rest. They were very professional and caring and I was put right at ease. After my exam, Dr. Kundel explained what would be done and I agreed to go along. I never believed that I would feel as good as I do now by wearing; the SOMA appliance they say no pain, no gain, but after being in such pain in my jaw I am now pain free. So I guess no pain, lots of gain is my saying. I can now eat normally and open my mouth much wider than I had been able to do.Thank you, Dr. Kundel.


When people say “Oh sorry you have to go to the dentist today “we smile and say” oh no we love going to the dentist. (13 and 10 yr old boys )Dr. Kundel is gentle and kind and he plays the best music and hums while he is working.

R & L


Wow! What a great experience. I have been to so many dentists and am always relieved to leave. I also always dread the injection that numbs my mouth but with Dr. Kundel I did not even feel the injection and my whole experience here was strangely wonderful, topped with great music. I even dozed off during my filling. Thank you Dr. Kundel and also thank-you to the wonderful staff for their friendliness.



As an herbal &nutritional educator educator & practitioner I have long understood the relationship between the health of the body & the health of the mouth. They are obviously connected. My studies led me to the works of Dr’s Price & Pottenger. Their findings illustrate the importance of traditional whole foods for optimal health of humans and all life forms on earth. While I was able to work on improving my own health through good local food from conscientious farmers, my search for a holistic dentist continued as did the pain & suffering at the hands of conventional dentistry. Until I met Dr. Kundel. His office is nearly a hour drive from my home but after the 1st visit I knew his practice was for us. The way he calmly took his time explaining our options and dealing with my frightened and angry teenager whose prior dental treatments left him traumatized moved me to tears. Finally a gentle dentist who truly cares for his patients! I don’t feel like I’m speaking some crazy foreign language anymore, when I used to feel like such an oddity in the dentist’s chair.

Thanks Dr. K!


-“Four years before the dental surgery W had a small stroke which apparently left no residual damage. However, at that time he was diagnosed with “spiking” blood pressure. Most of the time his blood pressure was normal, but on occasion, seemingly without cause, his blood pressure would spike to dangerous levels.”- Back Four years before the dental surgery W had a small stroke which apparently left no residual damage. However, at that time he was diagnosed with “spiking” blood pressure. Most of the time his blood pressure was normal, but on occasion, seemingly without cause, his blood pressure would spike to dangerous levels. He was always aware of this when it happened. His head “felt funny”. As a result, he was put on a small dose of blood pressure medication and took this medication for the past four years. During the dental surgery, when the two upper front teeth were being removed, his blood pressure spiked again. But once the infection was removed from this site, his blood pressure dropped to normal where it has stayed ever since. He has had no recurrence of spiking blood pressure and no longer needs to take medication for it. One of his front teeth had started to darken and was quite noticeably darker than his other teeth at the time of the surgery. Even though it was turning dark and showing clear signs of gum disease, our local dentist tested it with a small shock device and declared that it was fine when W felt a sensation. She would have gladly put a veneer on this tooth, even though the infection beneath it was very advanced. For six months to a year before the surgery W suffered from draining sinuses and would feel congested every morning. This has now completely disappeared. Also during this time period his normally cheerful disposition altered dramatically. He became negative and obstinate and generally difficult. His energy levels were extremely low. He would talk about doing certain tasks, but he seemed unable to muster the energy to even begin them. Since the teeth were removed he has tackled a large renovation project and works tirelessly every day, accomplishing far more now in a matter of days than he did in a matter of months previously. Perhaps the best result, however, is found in his present attitude. He is much more open and positive than he has been for several years. Every day is an adventure and he seems filled with enthusiasm and gratitude. His fine-tuned sense of humor has returned. There is a calmness about him now that was not there prior to his surgery. It is my belief that the infection in his jaw and teeth was causing him to experience spiking blood pressure and that this same infection was making him feel tired, depressed and irritable. Thank you



Dr. Kundel was wonderful. Love his holistic approach to dental services! My only regret is that I did not discover him sooner! Dr. Kundel even told me to bring my 3 year old daughter to my appointment so she gets a good impression of a dental experience which was great. She now brushes her teeth with even more enthusiasm! Staff is very pleasant and the office is clean and new. Would highly recommend.


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