AGGA Growth Appliance Results

How the Growth Appliance (AGGA) Stimulates Growth

With a quick type into your favorite search engine, it’s easy to find answers to all your questions. One problem, however, is that so much of that information can be incorrect – especially when it comes to your health.

One such example is the claim that the Growth Appliance (AGGA) tips teeth instead of actually growing the jaw. This is false.

Upper teeth might temporarily appear to be more forward or not ideally alined; but this does not mean that the jaw does not grow. These misalignments are fixed within the first 60-days of braces.

The images here are of a child who just finished the development phase. No braces were used and no direct forces were placed on the patient’s upper front teeth. Yet, her upper front teeth appear to be tilted forward, almost at 45-degrees with respect to her upper jaw. She does not have a tongue thrust issue either. This is what normal looks like.

Growth Appliance, AGGA Results

The growth appliance (AGGA) stimulates the growth of jaws three-dimensionally. This always happens. This stimulus turns on remodeling mechanisms that can be likened to normal growth.

During growth, development, and remodeling nothing will look picture perfect. Remodeling is a complicated physiological process where bone building and bone breakdown is happening at the same time. Time is needed for the bone to mature and settle in the new relationship with respect to surrounding structures. Jaw growth and remodeling continues long after the initial stimulus is gone.

Please do not take advice from people that do not have personal responsibility in your treatment outcome.

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