Patient Studies

AGGA Examples

Examples of What’s Possible with AGGA

Below are several examples of AGGA treatment results. Prior to the advent of AGGA only surgery could achieve such profound restructuring of facial bones.

Example 1: Teenager.

Incredible changes in only four months. 10mm of forward development achieved.

AGGA Patient Study - Teenager 1
AGGA Patient Study - Teenager 2
AGGA Patient Study - Teenager 3
AGGA Patient Study - Teenager 4

Example 2: Pediatric

This child had severe nasal and pharyngeal airway obstruction (see photos on left). Photos on right show significant forward growth and resolution of airway compromise.

Pediatric AGGA Example
Pediatric AGGA Patient

Example 3: Adult

Adult’s “before treatment” images (on left) show dangerously small airway volume of 18mm. Patient reports needing at least ten hours of sleep to feel moderately functional. Snoring is extreme.

Images on the right were taken five months into AGGA treatment. 6mm growth of forward growth has been achieved. Airway volume quadrupled in size. Now needs normal eight hours of sleep to feel refreshed. Snoring has ceased.

Adult AGGA Patient - before
Adult AGGA Patient - after

Example 4: Pediatric

The top photo shows the result of chronic mouth breathing which itself is a symptom of a restricted airway. When there is an airway compromise, nasal breathing is insufficient and the mouth must be used to bring in sufficient oxygen. Notice that in the top photo only the back teeth touch. This is indicative of a steep downward growth angle of the lower jaw and the patient having a very “long” face, which are classic symptoms of restricted airway/mouth breathing.

The bottom photo was taken only 30 days into treatment with the pediatric growth appliance RAGGA. By wearing the appliance nearly full-time for just one month, the trajectory of the jaw growth changed. Her lower jaw began to remodel into a healthier position and her bite closed. Again, the appliance, by changing one thing, changed everything for the better.

Pediatric AGGA Treatment

Example 5: Pediatric

Top images are from “before treatment” and show a child with an underbite, inability to nose breathe and academic disability (requires tutoring for most classes).

Bottom images are taken 6 months into treatment with pediatric growth appliance RAGGA. In the “after” photos his lips are comfortably together. His underbite is resolved. Academic performance has improved significantly and fewer tutors are needed at this point. Of course, the substantial forward repositioning of his jaws was accomplished with RAGGA, NOT with headgear. This powerful pediatric growth appliance comfortably and gently stimulates primary growth centers. Healthy development of the child’s facial structure is the natural result of this stimulus.

Pediatric AGGA Patient before
Pediatric AGGA Patient after

Example 6: Adult

The patient had pushed back upper jaw which did not allow lower jaw to rest comfortably. This led to muscle tension and generalized discomfort. Development took six months.

Adult AGGA Treatment Before & After
Adult AGGA Treatment Before & After

Example 7: Adult

Five months of AGGA development.

AGGA Treatment Before-After

Example 8: Teenager

This is an example that it is possible to develop facial structure non surgically. Six months of AGGA development.

Teenage Patient AGGA Example

Example 9: Adult

This patient came to me right after she was finished with her orthodontic work. To correct her overbite her orthodontist, unfortunately, removed two healthy teeth from her top jaw. Her upper jaw was pushed back. As a result, she lost her sense of smell, developed TMJ discomfort, and started lisping. After AGGA was placed, two weeks later, her sense of smell came back. Eight months later, no more TMJ discomfort and no more lisp. There is plenty of room for her tongue.

Adult AGGA Patient Example
Adult AGGA Patient Example

Example 10: Adult

Another example of teeth amputation for orthodontic treatment. Treatment resulted in fourteen years of severe migraines. These photos show how six months of AGGA wear stimulated his skull to balance out. For Ronnie’s full story, please visit his website

Ronald Ead AGGA Example