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Growth and Development

A beautiful flower grows and blossoms when the right conditions are present. Flower needs sunshine, good soils, and water. In order for a child to grow and blossom one very important criteria needs to be met. Oxygen needs to be plentiful and easy to get. If the nose is stuffed up or tonsils are swollen […]

Teeth are more than smiles

This lovely 61 year old woman came in to have a new set of dentures.  Her old ones were already twelve years old and pretty much worn down, but still comfortable and doing their job as a set of “choppers.”  Moreover, they did not represent how her own teeth and smile looked in the past. […]

TMJ Disorder Part II

Now that you have learned something about TMJ and hopefully snoring and sleep apnea we can continue. In this author’s experience TMJ problems, snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding and clenching are one and the same ball of wax. So far it has been shown to be caused either by structural imperfections or infections. Infections such […]

TMJ Disorder Part III

TMJ stands for Temporo Mandibular Joint. This fancy name means it is connected to the lower jaw and touches temples of the head. TMD stands for Temporo Mandibular Disease. Treatment of TMD (jaw joint disease) has two phases. Phase one is pain relief. Phase two is changing the structure so that pain does not return. […]

Believe at Your Own Risk

I saw a woman recently that could not conceive a child. She tried for a while to no avail. She was going for a second one. She was referred to me because some of her teeth were believed to be non vital. Dead teeth create dead bone around them. That can’t be healthy. Also, almost […]