Biobloc Facial Growth

Biobloc is an orthodontic appliance system used to grow forward the jaws and face. Biobloc is primarily used on children between six and ten years of age.

Biobloc orthodontic system came about when Dr. John Mew started looking at faces and not just teeth. Out of his curiosity and brilliance came out an approach that addresses underlying problems of crooked teeth. He postulated something he called an Orthrotropic premise: nose must breathe, lips need to be together, tongue should rest on roof of the mouth. This is called Proper Oral Posture. When these conditions are met, dental arches will grow to accommodate all the teeth and face will develop accordingly.

Bioblock Facial Growth

What does Biobloc do that other techniques don’t?

Biobloc is the ONLY orthodontic technique that can correct the upper jaw in all three planes of space (wider, more forward, and back up where it belongs) AND bring the lower jaw forward without anchoring on the upper jaw to do it. Only jaw surgery (orthognathics) can come close to this kind of correction. (Picture courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

Even better, Biobloc technique has been shown to improve the airway. Since both jaws come forward, so do the tongue and tissues, thus opening up the throat. The nasal passages enlarge, too. This is especially important for children who snore or have other sleep breathing problems. A reduction in airway can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea and associated cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack later in life.

Screening children as early as age two for habits such as mouth breathing, finger or blanket sucking, tongue thrusts, grinding, and snoring. All of these habits can cause the upper jaw, or maxilla, to drift down and backwards. While some parents comment that their child has “buck teeth,” in reality, the front teeth are almost always too far back in the face. This causes the lower jaw to grow down and back, rather than down and forward like nature intended. A simple measurement taken from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the upper front teeth, called the Cosmetic Line, can determine the growth pattern of a child before it’s too late. Notice the forward growth of the upper and lower jaws that has led to better facial balance and the increased width in her airway. This was accomplished non-surgically using Biobloc.

Stamford Dentist for Bioblock

The appliances are not magic, and are only one aspect to successful results with Orthotropics ®. Many practitioners have been misled by the apparent simplicity, only to find that much more than a laboratory prescription for this or that appliance design is necessary for success. The skills of a doctor that has been trained in hands-on educational settings, and has committed to this particular type of treatment, are very necessary. Dr. Kundel is certified in Bioblock System. Also, required is energetic family support for the patient.

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