Myobrace System

The Myobrace System is a no-braces approach to straightening your teeth and jaws.

Myobrace treatment does not involve wearing braces or using complex and uncomfortable dental appliances 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wearing a Myobrace appliance for one to two hours each day and overnight while sleeping, combined with a series of ‘myofunctional exercises’ (also known as the Trainer Activities) each day is all that is required in the treatment process. It is a pain free, wires free and very effective way of correcting not just your teeth, but retraining your swallowing and breathing habits.

This works best for patients who are still growing, around the ages of six to ten. Effective treatment can be done outside of these ages, but habits become harder to correct in older patients.

It just takes as little as daily use of the Myobrace combined with regular activities (to improve breathing, muscle function and tongue posture) to result in straighter teeth and improved function, leading to optimal facial development and a healthier smile.

Myofunctional orthodontic techniques have been practiced by Orthodontists and Dentists around the world for over 50 years.

The Myobrace System is based on over 20 years of experience in correcting orthodontic problems without the need for braces. The Myobrace appliances which make up this system have the proven dual function of correcting the oral habits that cause poor dental development (known as myofunctional habits), while also providing light forces to align the teeth into their natural position. This technique is now used by Orthodontists and Dentists in more than 100 countries throughout the world. We are experienced and authorized to provide Myobrace System to patients in Connecticut.

We are using series of removable dental appliances that are worn for just 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping. These appliances are designed to be used in-sequence to effectively train the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw, retrain the oral musculature, and exert light forces to align the teeth.

The Myobrace treatment goals for best results are:

  • Correct nasal breathing
  • Lips together at rest
  • Correct tongue position
  • No lip activity when swallowing
  • Good facial development
  • No braces, retainers, or extractions (if possible)
  • Straight teeth

During your first consultation, you will be told about the Myobrace treatment process. Dr. Kundel will also answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Once you understand the process and are ready to proceed, records will be taken to properly assess your needs. These records may include photographs, study molds and possibly x-rays. Then, Dr. Kundel will discuss the treatment plan he prepared specifically for you. He will give you an idea of the treatment time Myobrace appliances require and treatment cost.

On accepting your treatment plan after a consultation, you will be given your first Myobrace appliance and will commence your education program with either the Trainer Activities, or Myofunctional Exercises.

To achieve the best results, it is essential that you wear your Myobrace appliance each day, come for regular check-ups to our office, and follow each of the steps outlined for you in your treatment plan.

Braces vs MYOBRACE

Braces straighten teeth very effectively, but on their own, fixed braces do not develop the arches or assist with the growth of the jaw into proper alignment nor do they retrain muscles of the mouth how to swallow, speak and breathe. It is common in orthodontic treatment for removable appliances to be used to expand the arch, otherwise the extraction of teeth is required to make space. Orthodontic treatment without arch expansion, in our view, has problems with stability as research shows that when braces or retainers are removed, tooth movement occurs in many cases.

The Myobrace is worn at home and does not need to be worn to school (for younger patients). No one will know that the appliance is being used. This does address one of the concerns patients often have about braces, which is that they are visible and not very comfortable. We want our little patients to have “better faces with less braces.”

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