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Year of the dragon.

The new year is upon us. Year of the dragon. A scary creature for sure. Scary, much like a trip to a dentist. Those of you who saw ” How to train your dragon” saw that we live in camps. Those who hate, and those who love. Chose to hate and be guaranteed to have […]

Fear Your Dentist No More

Every single day I hear: “nothing personal doc, but I just hate the dentist.”  Oh boy! Great ice breaker! Thanks?! Pablo was not kidding.  He was mortified.   Here is the good news:     Pablo asked: please treat me like a special person. My reply: should not every patient be treated this way?   […]

Ideal Treatment

In dental school we learn principals and algorithms of diagnosis and treatment. We memorize facts until they become second nature and we don’t have to think about them anymore. As we gain experience and knowledge in practice we are able to do more complicated cases, i.e. restore mouths that present multiple problems. As we become […]

Gum Disease

Everywhere you turn now days you see articles about how important it is to care for your gums. Mainstream media picked up the news and now everybody knows that gum disease and heart disease are somehow connected. Why are they connected and how? The answer is really simple. Your gums and your heart are bathed […]