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Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, is a common congenital abnormality where the lingual frenum is overly short and tight (posterior ankyloglossia) or aberrantly attached anteriorly to the ventral surface of the tongue (anterior ankyloglossia), 1 “tying” the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Ankyloglossia Tongue Tie Holistic Dentist

Photos courtesy of Paula Fabbie. (A) 15 y.o. female; Class 3 crossbite/openbite; decreased function of tongue/hyoid complex during sleep, needs to use CPAP while waiting for DISE, and prescribed orthodontic/surgical treatment for OSA, mandibular prognathism. Pre-operative aspect of short inelastic frenum. Note limited tongue movement. (B) Immediately following the SuperPulse CO2 laser revision. Note the clean precise incision and immediate improvement in the tongue mobility. (C) Two weeks after SuperPulseCO2 laser frenum revision. Note lack of inflammation or swelling.

Co-authored by Dr. Leonard Kundel, this piece touches the problems of Ankyloglossia, frenectomy, surgical modalities for lingual frenum revision, tongue-tie release in combination with OMT, the surgical goals of tongue-tie functional release, and how the CO2 laser works.

With CO2 laser frenectomy, patients reported less post-operative pain and discomfort than with the scalpel.

In Summary

In order to rebuild the necessary orofacial function in children and adult patients, an extensive Tongue-Tie Functional Release includes the mandatory pre- and post- frenectomy myofunctional therapy and the SuperPulse CO2 Laser frenectomy, preferably under topical anesthesia and combined with Tongue Movement Assessment for Ideal Release to achieve optimal function. The choice for the CO2 laser wavelength and pulsing settings is based upon its unique absorption coefficient by the water-rich soft-tissue. Decreased wound contraction combined with minimal lateral tissue damage, less traumatic surgery, precise control over the depth of incision, and excellent hemostatic ability make the SuperPulse CO2 laser a safe and efficient alternative to scalpel, electrosurgery, electrocautery, diodes and erbium lasers.

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