Dr. Leonard Kundel and Ronny Ead Posing for a Selfie

Ronny Ead’s Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (FAGGA)

Ronny Ead is a 27-year-old BMW technician living north of Boston. He created MigraineHacks to teach others how he was cured of a debilitating 14-year chronic migraine condition.

As the provider of Mr. Ead’s FAGGA appliance and overseer of his treatment, Dr. Kundel received glowing reviews from the patient, who drafted a Q&A to help others in his (former) condition.

“In my case everything Dr. Kundel touches turns to gold. Every call he has made has been dead-on. If I had been his patient since day one I would have saved years of time and thousands of dollars,” reported Mr. Ead.

Read more about his condition, treatment and outcome on his website at FAGGA: 23 Questions Answered.