Tongue Tie Release - Stamford Dentist

Suffering From Jaw & Head Pain?

Our team interviewed a recent patient about her condition and treatment. Check out the video below to see her transformation and testimonial.

Q: What brought you in to see Dr. Kundel?

A: Originally it was for jaw pain, headache, bite instability – I had read about the homeoblock online and I was interested in that – and that was originally why I came to see him.

Q: What happened after you had your tongue tie released?

A: As he was going farther an farther back, first I didn’t feel anything, and then there was a certain point where he hit the depth of the tie where it was tied so deeply; and the second that that happened my shoulder went back, and down, and I just sort of felt everything go right through the body and out the sacrum. Because when I stood up, after the procedure was completed, my pelvis had rotated, my feet had rotated, and my sacrum had been so tucked before, I had always had these problems between the sacrum and the coccyx where they’d lock up in opposite directions and you’d get stuck. And it was the first time I could feel my sacrum completely tipped out where it should be and that was when the top and the bottom of the spine just released and went where they always were supposed to be. Before, something was holding them.

Q: What happened after you had your lip tie released?

A: The lip tie was really interesting because after the procedure it hurt all the way up way deep into the center of my nose. And it just felt, the way it was described to me afterwards was the most accurate, it was a bridal – something was holding the top part of my face back and the bottom down, and they were going the opposite direction of each other, and so there was this constant strain. The two were being pulled in opposite directions. And once I had the release done I could feel exactly what it was because the upper-right was being pulled forward, because this tooth is actually being pulled forward from the left one, and then the lower-right was being pulled back, so it was like this [points to face]. And it was causing a torsioning in my whole body, so I’m much more comfortable even just sitting. Sitting used to be the most uncomfortable for me.

Q: What is your life like now?

A: The headaches are gone, gone completely. The sleep has improved so much; it’s much more restful and I’ve been going to sleep earlier at night. Before I had a problem with insomnia, I mean, my whole life I had it, and I would say that’s cleared up, almost 90%. Dreaming, dream recall, which I didn’t have before, and I just feel so much more relaxed.