How is it possible that three decades of headaches vanish after a ten minute procedure?

We are still early in our discovery of how and why this happens, but this result is not a fluke. It is almost expected at this point with proper preparation. Proper preparation being body work and myofunctional therapy prior to the release of the restrictive tissues.

Osteopathic treatments were done to try to alleviate the discomfort of the ever present headaches and neck and back tightness. It would help for a week or two but then pain would come back with a vengeance. It was decided after some attempts to operate on a tongue tie that was barely there and did not visibly restrict the tongue movements.

“I have had head pain since I was eleven.”

“In the chair I felt the two rubber bands snap and I could move my neck.”

Post operative follow up is just as important. Not only by the osteopath and a competent myofunctional therapist but more importantly by the patient.

Work has to be done daily and obsessively. The whole body needs to embrace the newly found freedom. Stretching needs to be done not just in the mouth but also globally.

Gain does not have to come from pain. It comes from dedication.