Is it Mental or is it Dental? Cranial and Dental Impacts on Total Health (pdf 5,8 Mb)
By: Raymond Silkman, DDS

The Dental Distress Syndrome Quantified. (pdf 783 Kb)
By: Dr. A.C. Fonde

Not Just Drillin’ and Fillin’
By: Camilla A. Herrera – The Advocate, Nov 1, 2005

Leonard Kundel says his Stamford dental practice considers patients equal partners in determining appropriate treatment and care. It is the defining philosophy behind his holistic approach.. Read more about Dr. Kundel’s practice…

The Significance of the So-Called “Cleaning”
By: Dr. Leonard Kundel

Why do we tell people: “You need regular dental visits?” Problems caught early get resolved fast and inexpensively. Years of neglect lead to huge dental bills, not to mention pain, dread, and suffering. Have a trusted professional look at you on a periodic basis , and odds are you will come out ahead. Read more about dental cleanings…

Dr. Willie May and Dr. Joseph Da Cruz: Two Dentists and Their Appliances
By: John Diamond, MD

The benefits produced by the SOMA are far more than just orthodontic and facial. It has helped relieve different types of chronic pain, respiratory problems, TMD, neck and spine problems, and immune system conditions. There is a hypothetical possibility that the Pituitary gland operates more normally when the cranium is widened. and the pituitary thyroid adrenal axis works better. In addition the airway space is freed, allowing improvement in swallowing, speech, eating, breathing, and sleeping. Read more about the appliances..

Gum Disease
By: Dr. Leonard Kundel

Gum disease is easy to treat. One needs to practice good hygiene, have regular dental visits and use oral care products that are safe and effective. What’s important to understand here is the concept of holism. You cannot study or address one part of your body and not pay attention to the other parts. Read more about how to treat gum disease…

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