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Traveler, if you are reading this you are searching to improve your life. You ask: why me? Answers will eventually become apparent. Read on . Do not expect others to heal you. It takes more than one person. Do not blame anyone. Please. Blame retards your ability to heal. There are no justifies resentments. Learn […]

Believe at Your Own Risk

I saw a woman recently that could not conceive a child. She tried for a while to no avail. She was going for a second one. She was referred to me because some of her teeth were believed to be non vital. Dead teeth create dead bone around them. That can’t be healthy. Also, almost […]

Gum Disease

Everywhere you turn now days you see articles about how important it is to care for your gums. Mainstream media picked up the news and now everybody knows that gum disease and heart disease are somehow connected. Why are they connected and how? The answer is really simple. Your gums and your heart are bathed […]