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What a beautiful mouth looks like

Being a dentist I look at teeth and mouths all day long. Being a dentist that understands that one’s mouth affects how a person breathes I pay close attention to body structure and oral structure in particular.  I wanted to show what a great mouth looks like for a long time so people could understand […]

TMJ Disorder Part III

TMJ stands for Temporo Mandibular Joint. This fancy name means it is connected to the lower jaw and touches temples of the head. TMD stands for Temporo Mandibular Disease. Treatment of TMD (jaw joint disease) has two phases. Phase one is pain relief. Phase two is changing the structure so that pain does not return. […]

Ideal Treatment

In dental school we learn principals and algorithms of diagnosis and treatment. We memorize facts until they become second nature and we don’t have to think about them anymore. As we gain experience and knowledge in practice we are able to do more complicated cases, i.e. restore mouths that present multiple problems. As we become […]